Statistical Analysis

BioStatistics & Programming

Our in-house biostatisticians will provide crucial analytical expertise for your studies. Our statisticians are involved from design to total analyses. Our data biostatistical services include:

Developing statistical analysis plan
SAS® programs to prepare tables and listings of clinical and bioanalytical data
Services under Analysis include:

Statistical analysis plan
Statistical analysis
Statistical tables


  1. Protocol Input
  2. Sample Size Calculation
  3. Patient Randomizations
  4. Analysis Plan Development
  5. SAS Programming
  6. Data Listings
  7. Tables, Figures, Listing
  8. Analysis Reports
  9. DSMB Support
  10. Tailored Tracking Reports
  11. Web-Based Reports
  12. Consulting

Biostatistical Analysis

  • Preparation of statistical analysis
  • Final report
  • Final report (SAR)
  • Ad hoc statistic analysis

Preparation of Stastical Analysis Plan (SAP)

Development of study design – Sample size for desired statistical power. Formulation of statistical analysis plan of protocols – i.e to describe both interim and final analysis strategies.


In house biostatisticians and database managers provide consultancy on statistical problems and to clarify the statistical analysis plan to client/ authorities.

Bio-Statistical Service

  • Clinical Trial Design
  • Sample Size Calculations
  • Statistical Input to Protocols
  • Statistical Analysis Planning and Interpretation
  • Statistical Reports

Statistical Programming

  • SAS Datasets Creation as per CDISC
  • Program Validation
  • Integration of Databases Across Protocols
  • Integrated Summaries of Safety and Efficacy