Senior Research Scientist

The Senior Research Scientist in the Home and Personal Care markets. The requirements included will have involvement with sub-atomic union, detailing, and other research center methodology, have exhibited inventiveness in the business sectors, have the capacity to present and address individuals at their own level about these thoughts and have shown the capacity to put up thoughts from the lab for sale to the public.


• Formulate materials for the Home and Personal Care markets utilizing client products in order to develop new product mixtures or demonstrate the performance of Client products.

• Assist Marketing and Sales by identifying opportunities within the Home and Personal Care markets for current or new technologies developed by the client.

• Research the properties, applications and benefits of new molecules; synthesize new molecules; research the reapplication of existing molecules from other markets into uses in the Home and Personal Care markets.

• Work proficiently and safely in the laboratory using standard techniques and identifying and implementing new techniques where necessary.

• Direct the activities of technicians in their day-to-day activities, including running experiments, testing materials, setting up and testing new laboratory apparatus and other activities.

• Travel to various customer locations and industry meetings in order to meet with customers and make industry contacts concerning technical opportunities (10 – 20%).

• Support marketing, technical services and client by developing, reviewing, critiquing and presenting communications such as Technical Data Sheets, slide presentations, posters, technical papers, etc. to customers, distributors and others.

• Answer customer, sales and marketing questions about products, performance and applications of Home and Personal Care systems.

• Work with engineers and manufacturing to produce and scale up new products, improve current processes and address product performance opportunities.

• Write reports (monthly, project, etc.) that document and communicate the work that has been performed.

• Give presentations to management concerning projects and the progress of work.