Synmeta LLC offers a wide range of services to many top establishments in the US. We strive hard to maintain our reputation as being one of the best providers of clinical research staffing, pharmaceutical staffing and healthcare staffing.


Synmeta LLC offers a comprehensive range of medical and pharmacovigilance services essential for the conduct of clinical trials including study preparation, study conduct, medical coding, medical review and Drug Safety Officer (DSO) activities.

Safety Database Hosting

Licensed from Oracle, Synmeta LLC has implemented the Argus Safety database and is qualified to use this industry-accepted and proven adverse event management system. This platform enables us to deliver consistent regulatory compliance.Our safety system services cover all aspects of implementation….Learn More

Medical Writing

Experienced Medical Writing Professionals at Synmeta LLC can design and write a wide range of high quality clinical trial documents in your style / format, efficiently within the prescribed timelines. The department has the experience necessary to deal with the unique challenges of a clinical trial; our medical writing services span…Learn More.

Aggregate Report Writing

At Synmeta LLC, PSURs are written by physicians in consultation with our clients in order to ensure compliance with the applicable regulatory requirements. PSURs are written for mature as well as for life-cycle products. A PSUR is intended to provide an update of the worldwide safety experience of a medicinal…Learn More

Single Case Processing

Following established guidelines, data from source documents sent by clients is processed (data entry and MedDRA coding) in to a Drug Safety/Pharmacovigilance database, after a duplicate search, on behalf of the clients. This may involve an initial triage and a subsequent medical review/assessment…Learn More

Clinical Data Management

Managing Clinical Data in the existing complex regulatory scenario is the most challenging task. With R&D costs spiraling upwards, patents expiring on many molecules and stringent FDA requirements for new drug approval, it is imperative that there is need to reduce time-to-market and minimize costs.Learn More

Statistical Analysis System

BioStatistics & Programming
Our in-house biostatisticians will provide crucial analytical expertise for your studies. Our statisticians are involved from design to total analyses. Our data biostatistical services include….Learn More