SynMeta’s team of IT professionals bring in product engineering and consulting, application development, maintenance and support, customization, upgrade, applications integration and interface development services We offer custom and value-driven industry-specific solutions.
Our IT competencies include

  • High-end consulting capabilities in Banking, Asset and Wealth Management
  • Product development, product consulting, strategic partnerships and investments
  • Managed services, integrated IT & Operations
  • Comprehensive approach to Social Networks, Mobile apps, Analytics, Cloud Computing and Embedded solutions

Financial Services

SynMeta understands the environment and challenges faced by the global financial services industry. The major challenges that the financial services industry confronts are:

  • Rising competition
  • Demand for innovative products
  • Cost advantage and operational efficiency
  • Safe, secure , sustainable processes and procedures
  • Changing regulatory compliance

Our focus is on the three prominent areas of financial services: Banking, Capital Markets and Insurance. Our focused efforts aim to overcome the pressure due to increased regulatory pressure, highly complex global operations and customer demand for new, innovative services.


SynMeta’s offers robust and cost-effective IT solutions for the telecom industry. The challenges confronted by the global telecom industry are,

  • Need to optimize business process to stay ahead of competition
  • Need to deploy robust and innovative networks
  • Create responsive and cost-effective supply chains
  • Keep pace and momentum of technology innovation as per the customer’s expectations
  • Sustain customer experience
  • Maintain brand competition

SynMeta’s telecom solutions aim to create mission critical business and operational support systems. With focus on service delivery platforms, we aim to create enhanced customer experience


The high-tech industry confronts the challenges of changing market needs, rising demand for innovative business strategies and better operational excellence.
SynMeta’s approach to high-technology solutions based on a detailed understanding of the changing needs and evolving the best-fit solutions built on an integrated dynamic approach.


The global healthcare industry faces challenges of better resource utilization, strong customization of applications, integrated clinical data and service line, demand for lower cost and high quality care, protection and confidentiality of patient data, and safety concerns of patients.Understanding the challenges that the healthcare industry confronts today, SynMeta has developed the right-fit and affordable IT solutions. Our portfolio of healthcare solutions includes secure data management, enterprise collaboration and patient engagement capability.