About Us

About SynMeta LLC

Who we are?

SynMeta is a pioneer technology company that helps businesses to scale-up the quality of service, achieves work efficiency, saves on time, reduces costs, TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and sustains customer loyalty. We are a new generation company that aims to deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions for diverse industry verticals as Financial Services, Telecom, Retail, Insurance and Healthcare by leveraging on the latest technologies – proprietary and open source, SynMeta aims to provide robust Web Application Development, SAS Development, product consulting and onsite services.

SynMeta’s IT solutions portfolio aims to achieve more with less. We focus on Mobile & Web application development, Specialized in Open source technologies PHP-CMS, Life Sciences – Biostatistics, Cloud Computing, Payment Gateway Integration, Enterprise application development, Logo & Template Designing, Testing Services, Multimedia and many more with proven expertise in social networks and web analytics, our endeavors are to provide each client complete value from online presence.

SynMeta is the best solution for your technology needs.

The non-stress environment at our workplace puts work and play put in the right balance.

Our Skills

Web Applications / 91%
Cloud Computing / 90%
Enterprise Applications / 89%
Healthcare IT Staffing / 94%

What we believe in

SynMeta is an equal opportunity company. We have based our HR philosophy on the values of trust, transparency and competency. The non-stress environment at our workplace puts work and play put in the right balance. This has helped us to sustain each team member’s interest in work, greater productive and far lesser attrition rates.The routine at SynMeta includes Sports Meets, outings, celebration of birthdays, and arrangement of get-together parties at regular intervals of time. It has been integral to our work culture that good working conditions and healthy social life is a big booster of employee’s productivity, and keeps them focused at work.