SynMeta is the best solution for your technology needs in Web Applications.Web Applications.|Cloud Computing.|Mobile Apps.|Payment Gateway.|Enterprise Solutions.

We are a new generation company that aims to deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions for diverse industry verticals as Financial Services, Telecom, Retail, Insurance and Healthcare by leveraging on the latest technologies – proprietary and open source.

Web Applications

We are expertise in custom web based application development. Excellent in Linux base LAMP technology including Open source Technologies like: CMS – Word Press, Drupal, Joomla, Framework – Cake PHP, Zend, Codeigniter, and Shopping Carts – PrestaShop, Magento, Zendcart, Xcart and OS-Commerce.Java Architecture to implementation, design and development, Java application servers and J2EE framework.

Cloud Computing

SynMeta helps businesses to leverage on the benefits of cloud computing. We help businesses to adopt either third-party services or a virtualized data center. Cloud Computing helps you to try out new ideas without the need for extreme investments in supporting systems helps you to achieve transition faster.It provides insights needed to select the right tech resources for the business, be they from the corporate data center or an outside service provider

Enterprise Applications

The content composer will save you tons of time working on the site content. You’ll be able to create complex layouts within minutes by dropping content modules and widgets into your page designs and develops enterprise-scale systems. By this, we help large enterprises to remain competitive and profitable. We understand that, business organizations need to innovate and continue to adopt new technologies.

SynMeta’s quality, cost-effective and value-driven IT solutions are based on the premise that technology innovation and domain competency are a result of our domain competency, and great understanding of the client’s business process.

At SynMeta, innovation and synergy are the basis of our IT strategy. We could achieve effective cross functionality by our robust teamwork. We consider that, each IT project’s success is majorly dependent on the people and their skills set.

SynMeta includes teams of software architects that come with rich project mgmt expertise & the right domain competency. It is only by balancing effectively the resources available we can assure timely project delivery.


Training & Development

The challenges associated with each client’s project have put our project readiness in question. To counter this challenge effectively we have taken measures to enhance the readiness of personnel for the present and future project challenges.The in-house training’s and expert interactive sessions have been made part of the employee orientation and on-job training activities. At SynMeta, skill development by conduct of job enrichment programs is a continuous activity.


At SynMeta, we consider that, developing new products is sure to revitalize your business. Our Web and product development strategy encompasses all the issues of offering something new to the market, from design, development, testing and execution of software applications. One of the advantages of our web development that we can respond to customer needs as they change. Our strategy is based on close work association with our customers, customer surveys and evaluation of customer business needs. By making our web development strategy customer-driven we assure each client a strong and competitive edge.


The team of specialists at SynMeta is our greatest asset. We could not have realized our client’s project expectations, if not for the sustained and focused efforts of each member of our team. Even though each one of the team brings specialist experience in Web Development, consulting, CMS – Open source Technologies, cloud computing, SaaS application Development, enterprise and mobile apps; when it comes to project planning, implementation and maintenance, we act as one.


SynMeta specializes in web based services and product development. Our software architects come with wide experience gained from multiple project engagements. We ensure high success by defining the IT strategy, workflow process and high level of collaboration between staff and teams.

Our Industries

SynMeta is preferred by clients for its expertise in providing end-to-end solutions built on proprietary and open source technologies. We arrange for the right technical resources as per the project expectations. We offer IT services that deliver quality and provide measurable return on investments.